Xsemudah yang disangka.. xsemua harapan dan cita cita itu mengikut kehendak kita.. selagi kita ingat pada Allah insyaAllah kita kuat.. lemah rasa kekadang, ada yang iri pabila ku punya banyak pilihan, ketahuilah, walaupun Allah hidangkan ku dengan banyak pilihan, tiada satu pun ditetapkan untukku, maka, harus ku tunggu datangnya takdirku itu…hati ini, kesekian kalinya robek lagi, mujur ada Dia…

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"I’m constantly torn between this overwhelming desire to know more about myself and the desire to erase everything I think I am."

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비빔밥 Bibimbap | (c) Green Kitchen Stories

비빔밥 Bibimbap | (c) Green Kitchen Stories

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A 1967 Vespa 50s by Qskulls™ on Flickr.


A 1967 Vespa 50s by Qskulls™ on Flickr.

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by old✽love on Flickr.


by old✽love on Flickr.

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"Marry someone you want to annoy for the rest of your life."

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Light at the end of the tunnel

I haven’t written any personal post for ages nor have I been on tumblr for the past three (?) months. I just thought it’s time to have a curhat, letting out all the frustrations and bitterness that I’ve kept inside.

2013 was an awful year for me. I didn’t graduate and as result I decided to distance myself from my friends. I stop replying their group texts and meeting them. I do miss them but I just want to avoid the distressing questions i.e. what have you been doing these days, have you started your MTeach, are you seeing anyone and so on and so forth. Plus, I don’t think my existence would make any difference in their lives. (Yes, such a daft thought but it’s just lack of confidence).

I’m officially a Mathematics graduate now. So, where am I heading? Dilah asked me if I had registered for MTeach but I gave my excuse of the deadline has passed, nda sampat bla bla bla. I haven’t told her that I don’t wanna be a teacher. Stuck in Brunei, spending my time with kids who smelled like unwashed gym towels and spoilt lunches, repetitive (boring Maths) lessons and still career progression sounds like a job for the desperate ones. No offence to the teachers, ‘cos I salute you for your resolution to be educators tapinya this is not what I want. Yes, silly me for signing that contract six years ago, not knowing what have I got myself into. (Blergh, it’s unfair that scholars who are not bonded to be doctors or teachers can apply for non-government jobs. Can you at least please give us the teaching scholars, some leeway *Puss in a boot eyes*?)

I remember I wrote a post on how I wanted to have an average Bruneian life; get a (government) job, get married, have kids apa. Akan tetapi, after working for AV E, I discovered there are more things to life than just being an average Bruneian and I’m actually above average. Not as good as my friends, but I can actually do some stuff. (You know, that idiom, ‘Those who can, do, those who can’t, teach’. Yes, I can, so I do.). Yes, I only got a 2:2 for my degree but I’m the type of person who puts everything on the line once I set my mind on it. So, I applied for non-teaching jobs (SCB, DEPD, BIBD) as an excuse that I could use some jobs while waiting for the next registration date for MTeach, while in fact I have no plans of submitting my MTeach application. Now, waiting for job interview calls frustrates me more. I keep thinking what if my resume and cover letters are not good enough, was there any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors (unavoidable ‘cos I got a B for my O Level English) or I’m just not the person they’re looking for. Once every five minutes I would glance over my phone, just to check if the notification light flickers. Fingers crossed, hoping that I get a job interview this week.

Anyways with regard to this post’s title, no I haven’t seen it.

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"Stay soft, it looks beautiful on you."

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When the photographer told them to make their feet look cute.

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